A place for intertextual interpretations of the concept and metaphor “house.” Intertextual interpretations (i.e., an assemblage, trace, web, interlace) are open-ended and subjective, and result in a plurality of meanings.


Genotext type questions to guide your research in situating a selected cultural artifact in African House, Finland House, or USA House (i.e.,) At Home in Kentucky:

  1. Where and what is the germination site of signification?

Phenotext type questions to guide your research and response:

  1. Does your notion of house belong to a genre or category? Situate it in a genre or category and name that category.
  2. What types of house metaphors or concepts do not belong in that category?
  3. What are the rules (your rules) of the genre or category?
  4. What is the style, form, or subject of all things that belong to this genre or category?

Paratext (defined by surround) & palimpsest (traces) type questions:

  1. What discourse/references, cultural narratives, and signifying practices
    surround the “text” that influences meanings of the text.
  2. What are the history of those associations/signifying processes?
  3. How would changing the relationships in the discourse/narratives/signifying
    practices change the meaning?

Locate the fibers that woven together form or are in service of communicating, representing, and expressing the cultural values of your notion of house.

Use wordpress.com or blogger.com to set up your own blog that includes images and text to which others can comment upon. Here, in the comment section to this entry page on Intertextual House provide the URL to your blog. The blogs will be particularly from Ugandan, Finnish, and U.S. participants in this project.

  • Shannon Yon’s blog http://sry115.wordpress.com/
  • Laura Nulf’s blog http://lrn5006.wordpress.com/
  • Rachel Sherman’s blog http://nyumba.wordpress.com/
  • Jennifer Weyandt’s blog http://jezmund.wordpress.com
  • Christy Notaro’s blog http://cmn5039.wordpress.com/
  • Angie Graeff’s blog http://ang5002.wordpress.com/
  • Stephanie Kantor’s blog http://stephony67.wordpress.com/
  • Autumn Diver’s blog http://afd5017.wordpress.com/
  • Shane Kelliher’s blog http://shanekelliher.wordpress.com/2007/04/05/hello-world/

  • Ugandan participants’ blog http://africanhouse.wordpress.com
  • 8 Responses to “Add Your Interpretations of House.”

    1. nyumba Says:

      Here’s the link to my blog.

    2. lrn5006 Says:

      here’s the link to my blog:


    3. sry115 Says:

      Here’s my link to my blog!

    4. ktk2 Says:

      Richard in Uganda writes: We have set up a blog at http://africanhouse.wordpress.com. We are in the process of posting our images onto the website. Unfortunately our internet is slow and therefore we have to work at night when the traffic has eased.

    5. Jen Weyandt Says:

      this is my blog site:

    6. Christy Says:

      Here is my blog site!

    7. anggraeff Says:

      Here’s the ling to my blog:


    8. stephony67 Says:

      link to my blog:


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